UMIH asks the government "the priority to tourism" for Guyana

While the President of the Republic is currently in French Guiana (from 26 to 28 October 2017), Roland Heguy, President of the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry (UMIH) has split a statement for remind him that "the priority must be the development of tourism" for the destination.
The union also asks for "the implementation of thematic tourism agreements signed with the Minister of Overseas under the April 2017 Guyana agreements".
And the UMIH reminds that "the tourism industry, both leisure and business, is the cornerstone of Guyana's economic development and the weapon against mass unemployment while it affects more than 1 out of 5 inhabitants, even 1 in 2 inhabitants in certain areas ".
The union calls for "a major communication campaign […] with reassuring information measures on the territory", in order to "double the arrivals by 2020".
To do this, Roland Héguy calls on the Government to "lift the brakes on the arrival of tourists (derogatory exemption of yellow fever for cruise passengers or transit tourists over 72h, reduction of the time of issuance of visas for Suriname and Brazil) and to create a Tourism Business Campus.
Guyana is the only French department without a hotel school, while tourism is one of the only sectors in the region to offer career prospects. Professionals are eagerly awaiting him to offer training opportunities for young Guianese professionals. "

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