'True Love', Music Video New Elephant Kind With Nuance Thriller

Elephant Kind has just released a new video clip entitled True Love. This is the sixth single Elephant Kind found on the CITYJ album. Unlike other video clips of Elephant Kind, in True Love they give more nuance horror stories.
"So a year (album) CityJ want to make what, yes.It was really a nuance like a lonely horror, keep thinking about making a horror thriller video clip, because I like children watching movies and everlast," said vocalist Elephant Kind, Bam Mastro when found in number Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday (30/10/2017).
Elephatn Kind releases her latest video clip entitled 'True Love' © KapanLagi.com/Fikri Alfi Rosiyadi
The True Love video clip featured by Elephant Kind itself is not about the true love of lovers. Unlike the romance in general, the track also brings the idea of ​​the friendship of three women who wrapped with jealousy that surrounds them.
"In this video clip I try the correlation by means of jealousy, not the loving girl but the best friend there is the true love side that I take the interpretation," said Jordan Marzuki, director of True Love video clip.
Elephant Kind presents the story of friendship with the feel of thriller in it © KapanLagi.com/Fikri Alfi Rosiyadi
It did not take long to work on True Love video clips. According to Bam Mastro, this video clip is done in just one day. But it has been prepared since six months ago.
"This video clip of Elephant Kind is really serious until we hire the director, and this also uses 4K camera Production is most well prepared, so really serious," concludes Bam Mastro.
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