This is Naruto's List of Songs from the Ugly to the Best (Part 7)

After last week we have seen position 30 – 21 now we will see the song ever fill Naruto song from position 20 – 11.
In the last week we have seen 10 songs in positions 30 – 21 ever so the opening and closing songs of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. This time will re-sort Naruto's songs from the best, the ordinary, and the ugly.
This list will appear every Saturday. Keep check to find out what your favorite Naruto song is in what position!

For this week, we will see songs that are in positions 20 – 11 where the songs on this list are iconic in terms of popularity and exceptional in terms of quality. Stay pantengin next week because we will find out 10 of the best Naruto songs and see who the champion.
(NB: Songs in this sequence are taken from songs that have been included in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden TV series, and the BGM and the songs from the shounen-hen movies and editions are not counted.)
20Snowkel – Namikaze Satellite (Opening Naruto 7)

The band is filled by Shinya Nishimura (vocals, guitar), Masami Kabamura (bass), and Masato Yamada (drums) formed from 2004 and still active until now releasing alternative rock songs with piano rock rhythm consistent with the beat of the song even though they has no keyboard player.
In "Namikaze Satellite" they play alternative rock music that is catchy and nice to be heard many times. There is something distinctive when hearing this song from the piano clank that is in harmony with his music game and his sleazy vocalist's voice and does not sound too ambitious. Hearing "Namikaze Satellite" feels like hearing Nico Touches The Walls in a lighter and melodic version. A very addictive light song.
Position on Oricon Chart: 37
19Aqua Timez – Mayonaka no Orchestra (Ending Naruto Shippuden 16)

The song "Mayonaka no Orchestra" was counted long in terms of duration of 353 seconds. But the duration of the duration is not too felt because this song is delivered intense and solid as if the listener is not given space to move and continue to live the song.
This song has a tagline "The light comes in the corner of memory, so the most important thing to do is cry" and feels right with the theme song. Although sounded sad but the band filled by Futoshi (vocals), OKP-STAR (bass), Daisuke (guitar, programming), mayuko (keyboard, piano), and Tasshi (drums) are playing this song with a burning alternative rock spirit equipped with a passage of guitar riffs in the middle of a loud song and did not sound sad at all. The fiddle of the violin in this song adds to the magnificent atmosphere they show throughout the song.
Position on Oricon Chart: 12
18Anly – Kara no Kokoro (Opening Naruto Shippuden 20)

The 20-year-old folk singer on January 20, 2017 has an extensive musical insight thanks to his father who always fed him with blues, country, folk and roots rock music such as Eric Clapton, ZZ Top and Creedence Clearwater Revival. The influence he brings in his professional music career and he tries to include what he likes with the influence of J-Pop music now in "Kara no Kokoro"
"Kara no Kokoro" is the most folk song among all of Naruto's songs ever and the folk tones that he sang sound sincere and not just a gimmick. To match the musical atmosphere he now mixes the feel of pop rock and brings his audience back to Ed Sheeran's early era on the "+" album where he still plays folk music with the help of modern pop rock and sings quickly. Through "Kara no Kokoro" he sounds like Ed Sheeran and Sheryl Crow's crossbreeding.
Position on Oricon Chart: 34
17Kanikapila – Troublemaker (Ending Naruto Shippuden 35)

The band consists of Leona (guitar), Kana (bass), and Natsuko (keyboard), Aoi, (percussion), Mizuho (guitar), Yoshika (ukulele, guitar), and Pippi (drums). Imagine the average age they are just 15 years old and the oldest personnel that is Yoshika and Leona just 16 years old. Although it sounds young they have many achievements before being signed by major label Epic Records Japan. In December 2013 they won the contest in Tokyo as the best Scandal band tribute to their junior high school age.
Their second single under a major label entitled "Troublemaker" shows their mastery in music. Although unaccounted for but they are able to play pop power and rock n roll music quite fluently and interestingly. A vintage rock n roll punctuation interspersed with OK Go pop power in the Oh No album era makes this song unique and full of fun and exciting homage. A great passion from this young band.
Position on Oricon Chart: 90
16Immonogony – Blue Bird (Opening Naruto Shippuden 3)

The pop rock trio filled by Yoshiki Mizuno (guitar), Hotaka Yamashita (guitar), and Kiyoe Yoshioka (vocals) have indeed gained popularity in Japan. But their popularity outside Japan is increasingly thanks to Naruto Shippuden song and begins with the song "Blue Bird" is famous thanks to the lyrics in his reff is "Aoi aoi ano sora" and is often a play on Jejepangan lovers by memlestkannya become porn star name that famous for it.
In addition to the iconic lyrics, this song has a magnet strong enough to herd listeners hear this song many times. Ringtones of melodious and melodious pop rock and harmonization of musical instruments that sound simple but quite diverse and complex is a challenge to be brought back. The harmonica screams in this song add to the sensation of a song that catapulted their name on the international scene.
Position on Oricon Chart: 3
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