There's Mystery Behind The song "Mars Perindo"!

Who does not know the song "Mars Perindo". But do you know there is a secret behind the song that became Perindo's pride?
Partai Persatuan Indonesia or commonly abbreviated Perindo is a political party founded by Hary Tanoesoedibjo on February 7, 2015. Although classified as a new party on the political stage of the country, but the name Perindo quickly recognized the wider community. Yes, maybe now no one does not know this red-and-white-blue party.
In addition to several programs promised by the party's chairman, Perindo's popularity can not be separated from the song "Mars Perindo" which is often played on television stations. As an entrepreneur and owner of the MNC Group, Harry Tanoe certainly has the extraordinary freedom to organize what shows to be presented at MNC TV, RCTI and Global TV stations.
The song "Mars Perindo" became a mandatory dish that was present in the three channels in prime time clock. Songs that are played many times this finally in the subconscious is embedded in the brain of the listener. Yes, maybe you also memorized smoothly the song "Mars Perindo".
But do you know if there is a secret behind the lyrics of the song "Mars Perindo"? First, first look at the lyrics of the song below.
Let all the people of IndonesiaAgain your views forwardReceive your dreams for the nation's nationPoint your determination for the future
Abstinence is surrender your guideline Pestate the poverty of your aspiration The hindrance does not frighten youIndonesia prosper your goalsTurn the fire of the spirit of struggleDoire the echo of unity by PERINDO … by PERINDO … Jayalah Indonesia!

Can you find out the secrets contained in the song? If you are still unconscious, just look at every letter that lays the lines of the song lyrics. If compiled from top to bottom, will form the phrase "Mars Perindo", incidentally?

Of course not. The creator of this song seemed to enter the element of "Mars Perindo" in all aspects. Included in the lyrics of each letter that started the line of the lyrics. Well it could be if this trick becomes a secret why many people are finally brainwashed and subconsciously memorized the song "Mars Perindo".

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