The press review of October 31

            Tuesday, October 31, we tour the regional press for you, as every morning. Here are the news in the newspapers.

The drama yesterday in Mondragon in the Vaucluse … A grandmother was killed in a car accident, her two young children seriously injured. Details in VAUCLUSE MORNING and PROVENCE.
METROPOLITAIN returns to new domestic violence in Montpellier … "He disfigures his wife with 7 stab wounds". The husband was referred to the prosecution.
"A peaceful pensioner found dead in his villa Bessèges", bound hand and foot. Read in OBJECTIVE GARD.
"No draw, no selection at the university" for the FREE MIDI that comes this morning on the "Student Plan" presented yesterday by the government.
In Catalonia, "the elected officials in exile in Brussels". Carles Puidgemont and his followers would ask Belgium for political asylum. It is in the INDEPENDENT Perpignan.
His counterpart audois makes his head on "the white areas of the mobile network in the Aude". 30 villages in the department are still isolated.
And then in tennis, Gasquet Eliminates Pair in the first round of the Rolex Paris Masters. Direction TEAM.

And then October 31 … it's also Halloween!

A terrifying party that paradoxically pleases the children … who will disguise themselves as evil beings and knock on your door … to ask you for candy.
Hoping that you have refueled, otherwise it may not do for you …
In the FREE MIDI this morning, we return in particular on the trend of this year 2017: we go to the circus of horror … like the film "Ca", recently released in the cinema … They are actually clowns not very nice to summarize …
Disguises that also work, those of zombies, in reference to the series "The Walking Dead".
That's it if it's not done yet, run equip yourself with sweets to welcome at nightfall little monsters disguised and hungry!
Special file in the FREE MIDI this morning.

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