The press review of October 27

            Friday, October 27, 2017, here is the news on the front page of the regional press this morning.

Shots fired yesterday at a brewery in Béziers … in the middle of the afternoon. This is to read in the METROPOLITAN.
Situation still vague in Catalonia … "Puidgemont waives early elections" for the INDEPENDENT. The lifting of autonomy of the region should follow and perhaps a declaration of independence.
In the Gard, "towards a way out of the crisis by November 8" … OBJECTIVE GARD is interested this morning in the grumbling firefighters who demand more resources. A round table is scheduled between the soldiers of the fire, the prefecture and the department.
For 20 MINUTES, "7 months without rain or almost, drought records in Languedoc". The recent episode Cevennes will not really changed the situation.
Record this morning in FREE MIDI around the pill for women … some are many to stop because of side effects. Testimonials in the newspaper this morning.
And then … the beautiful performance of Richard Gasquet yesterday in Vienna … The Herault has released Dominic Thiem, one of the favorites. He will face Lucas Pouille in the quarterfinals. Direction TEAM.

We also leave this morning in Marseille, direction the Calanques thanks to LA PROVENCE
The daily makes its name on the Cosquer cave, a must in the PACA region.
In recent days, divers have scanned the cavity with high-tech equipment … the goal is to collect as much data as possible on his cave art works before they are damaged by the rising waters …
It must be said that each day, the levels climb a little more … drawings that date, you probably know more than 20,000 years and that were previously preserved remarkably … after this meticulous work, they will all be reproduced in life size …
Beautiful folder so pages 2 and 3 of LA PROVENCE Grand Vaucluse this morning … with testimonials but also photos of works and plans of the cave Cosquer.

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