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The Video Advertising Committee of IAB Russia begins to regularly publish reports on the audience of online video

Depositphotos Illustration Digital Video IAB Russia presented a report comparing the audience of the Russian online video market players, prepared on the basis of Mediascope's WEB-Index research for September 2017. The largest players in the Russian online video market were YouTube with an audience of 26.8 million people and a distribution system for video content Pladform, which covered 21.5 million people. The third player in terms of online video audience is IMHO video network (included in the NSC) and the social network Odnoklassniki (included in Mail.Ru Group), which collected audiences of 17.5 million and 14.7 million people respectively. "The market for digital video advertising is developing rapidly. All major players are looking for ways to become participants in this rapid growth, to get their profit. Therefore, no one conference, no presentation does not do without figures about video advertising. To exclude inaccuracies in the preparation of such presentations or manipulation of figures, we begin to publish on a regular basis the data of our colleagues Mediascope. With all the richness of technology, to date, Mediascope research data is the only single measurement system recognized by the market, allowing not only measurements themselves, but also correct comparisons, "said Nikolai Kiselev, chairman of the Digital Video IAB Russia committee. * The basis of the report is the data obtained directly from the players. According to experts, these data reflect real inventory capabilities for video advertising. In the report, such projects are listed as "rollers". At the same time, for those projects that, for internal reasons, do not put a Mediascope pixel in the player, only data on the coverage of the sites are presented. For such projects, the special note "url" was used in this report. According to IMHO estimates (together with GPMD they concentrate more than 70% of their budgets on video advertising in RuNet), in the first half of 2017 the Russian video advertising market showed an increase of 30%, said Sostav .ru head of the department of video advertising IMHO Love Yachkov. According to the IMHO forecast, the growth rate of video advertising for the year will be about 20%. The volume of the video advertising market in money, according to Zenith, in 2017 will reach 7.8 billion rubles.

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