the global aeronautics market booming, but still very concentrated (video)

The point of view of Kathryn McFarland, director Xerfi Global

Written by The Editor on Sunday, October 29, 2017

Xerfi Global has just published a study on aeronautics around the world. A market in sustained growth, with 1,660 aircraft delivered in 2016. But a very competitive market focused around the Airbus-Boeing duopoly (86% of commercial aircraft delivered in 2016), leaving little room for their main competitors Bombardier and Embraer . In order to improve their operating margins, which remain well below those of the engine manufacturers, the air manufacturers are now concentrating on expanding their production capacities, their after-sales service networks, and do not hesitate outsource some aspects of R & D to specialized firms, collaborate with key suppliers, or develop modular platforms between multiple models. The point with Kathryn McFarland, director Xerfi Global.




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