Suspect of the Mushroom Case in Lembang Is Unknown Closed, His Haram Business Has Been Running A Year

Report of Journalist Tribun Jabar, Mumu Mujahidin

TRIBUNJABAR.CO.ID, LEMBANG – Chairman of RW 04, Kampung Bewak, Jayagiri Village, Lembang Subdistrict, West Bandung Regency, Paryoto, confirmed a house raid of a citizen who has 51.4 kilograms mushroom, mushrooms growing in cow dung and categorized into categories narcotics group 1, in Wednesday (25/10/2017) morning.
"Police from Police Headquarters came to the location around 09.00 hours and finished at 12.00 an, through RT chairman," he said at his residence, Thursday (26/10/2017).
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Based on Paryoto, the house was occupied by Eddy Haryono (52) and Neni (49) and their three children. The police, said Paryoto, seized most mushroom evidence entered in plastic bags, both in packaged and ready-to-crude packaging.
"Mr. Eddy was immediately taken to the Police Headquarters with his son and the evidence. I do not know which child, baseball knows the first or to what, "he said.
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Monitoring Tribune, the suspect's house is in a kind of narrow alley named O Andiputra No. 105. The permanent white-painted house looks empty lonely baseball. Nevertheless parked four motorcycles in his yard.
The enclosed front yard is covered by a canopy to the side of the house. Not found police line (police line) installed in his house.
In addition Paryoto admitted had questioned related to his perfect name and daily life of the perpetrator in his home environment. Based on Paryoto, Eddy with his wife and children just stayed at home tesebut around 5 years.
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