Start Jungkook (BTS) Up To Jisoo (Black Pink) Apparently Jago Play This Game!

        Source: Kpopmap If we have previously discussed about Korean idol who is the master of the game League of Legends (LoL), in this article, we will describe a row of Korean idols whose game-playing abilities are classmates of gamers. Curious? Check it out now!
1Hongbin (VIXX)
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Can be said that the visual of this VIXX boy band, is the master game Overwatch! Hongbin is famous for his technique of using Hanzo characters, to the point of the other idol gamers, he is nicknamed "The Hanzo Master." The title is worth Hongbin, considering he ranked 7th in Overwatch Worldwide.

SBS Game Show article said that VIXX Hongbin ranked # 7 at Overwatch Worldwide Ranking
– KPOP WORLD INA (@kpopers_family) May 18, 2017

Let's see the video when Hongbin and the other VIXX members while playing against boy band Monsta X!

2Niel (Teen Top)
Source: Korean Wave Indonesia It turns out that amongst the Korean idol gamers not only have "The Hanzo Master," but there is also "The Genji Master."
Predicate "The Genji Master" pinned to the main vocal Teen Top, Niel. Through live internet broadcasting, he once showed his impressive viewers ability in a quick match Overwatch.
According to the latest report, Niel has collected a score of 3211 points and has 3 golden weapons.
3Jungkook and V (BTS)
Source: Pinterest It has been a common secret of the Army (the title of BTS fans), that the golden maknae, Jungkook, and the handsome V are big players Overwatch. Even Jungkook's skill in playing his favorite character, McCree, has been recognized by the master of Overwatch, Hongbin (VIXX).
If Jungkook chooses McCree as his favorite character, it is different with V who prefer May as his hero. Btw, this V's favorite hero, recently created a short animated movie by Blizzard lo.

4Gongchan (B1A4)
Source: KsoulmagGongchan was originally just a fan of the FPS (First Person Shooting) game. But after Overwatch appeared, he began to addicted to playing the game with his best friend, Hongbin VIXX. Due to the frequent playing together, Hongbin and Gongchan are mentioned as a couple who have a legendary chemistry.
5Doojoon (Highlight)
Source: KoreabooLeader from Highlight boy band is not only a reliable football player, but also a master in game play. The overwatching game playing skill is above average, once admitted by Gongchan (B1A4) on one occasion.
Psst! For those who claim to be Doojoon fans, take care of your gaming skills from now on! Because one of Doojoon's dream girlfriend is a good girl playing game.
6Jennie and Jisoo (Black Pink)
Source: Allkpop It's pretty, has a good voice, good nge-dance, can play the game anyway. That's the right description to describe Jennie and Jisoo.
Jennie who has a position as Rapper in Black Pink is known to often use 'Mercy the protector' and 'Lucio the international musicians' as hero in this game.
While the Black Pink visual, Jisoo, prefer Symmetra to support his teammates in Overwatch.

That's a list of idols from Ginseng Affairs who are not only good at the stage, but also shrewd in Overwatch game play. After this you will follow the trail oppa eonni above to make Overwatch not?
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