South Jakarta Trainee Asset Auction from Car to HP

 Jakarta – South Jakarta State Attorney auctioned the assets of convicted corruption and general criminal (general criminal). The confiscated assets consist of cars, motorcycles, mobile phones, and laptop computers.
"We from South Kejari undertake auction activities on the spoils we receive from the field of pidsus (special crime) and pidum," said Head of Sub-Section Pembinaan, Kejari Jaksel, Arya Wicaksana, in his office, Jl TB Simatupang, Monday (30/10 / 2017).

The amount of spoils auctioned is composed of 7 cars, 19 motorcycles, 9 mobile phones, and one laptop computer. Will akantetapi state things are cause for unhealthy care.

 The condition inside Toyota Fortuner car that looks unkempt (Photo: Yulida Medistiara / detikcom)

For example, Toyota Fortuner former police investigator Mohamad Arafat Enanie. The car had a flat tire, while the dashboard in the car was empty. Arafat car auctioned at a cost of Rp 51.63 million restrict.
Another car auctioned is Toyota Starlet owned by convicted corruption Tusiwan Farianto. Cars that have been damaged part of the seat was auctioned with a Rp 4.26 million restrict to the state without BPKB. There are also Tusiwan assets in the form of BMW BMW without BKPB auctioned at a cost of Rp 14.2 million restrict.
Arya convey the new South Jakarta Kejari auction off these spoils because waiting for the cases were inkrah. Arya did not know why the state of the car or vehicle such as damaged for he claimed to accept only abundance of the field of pidum and pidus.
"When we receive it has been in such a state of his condition from another field. We are only receiving abundance from the pidsus and pidum fields. We from the field of coaching his duties only carry out auction, "he said.

BMW owned car convicted by corruption Tusiwan Farianto who auctioned Kejari Jaksel (Photo: Yulida Medistiara / detikcom)

He claimed that the field of coaching only received the spoils from his field of semisalnya. While those who have budget to carry out treatment only the field of pidum and pidus.
Meanwhile, Chief Financial Officer of South Jakarta, Wahyu Aldiansyah said Fortuner belongs to Arafat actually already three when auctioned. But because it is considered too expensive by the auction participants never sold.
"Actually Fortuner has 3 when the auction does not ask the price asks the price down from Rp 190 million to Rp 120 million to Rp 98 million, this is the 4th time so Rp 51. If surely this yes we must remove than so mosquitoes," said Wahyu. (yld / jbr)

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