Seven Knights II Show Action Seven More Adult Knights, Ready to Move On?

Seven Knights II will be released soon! This game will be a sequel to the first game and will still feature the seven powerful magicians full of action!

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Still remember the game Seven Knights or even still play it? If so, then you should wait for the sequel entitled Seven Knights II. Game for this smartphone will be developed using Unreal Engine 4, so it will display graphics equivalent to game console! Meanwhile, for the game itself will change from a turn-based game to action!
Seven Knights II will take 30 years after the main event in the first series. In accordance with the title, this second game will certainly still show the story of the seven great knights who are fragments of the god of destruction. Each of them controlled the territory of the continent Asgard, and fought each other at first.

In this second game, it seems that the warriors who fought each other at Asgard survived. Now their stories one by one will be told in a new, mature storyline! Yep, now the Seven Knights II graphics will be different from their predecessors. Until now, only two characters have been shown developers namely Rudy and Eileen.

Rudy the Absolute The Guardian is a knight who focuses on defense. he uses shields and swords to defeat his enemies. In this second game, Rudy seems to be getting an increase in his melee attack. He is able to use swords and shields to beat his enemies. In addition, he is also able to pack his wings, making him float in the air!

While Eileen the Fodina Empress also looks more mature! He now appears as a very agile and powerful melee attacker. Eileen uses spears and knives and beautiful acrobatic moves to attack her enemies. He is also capable of manipulating lightning and electricity to defeat his enemies.

In the meantime, only two of the seven knights of this legend alone are shown his abilities. But the developer Netmarble also gave a cinematic video that showed each knight with their new design! Until now, there is no more detailed information about this Seven Knights II. It's just that the story of the seven great warrior's journey will be divided into several chapters.

More curious? We just want more information from Netmarble, while we play first Seven Knight first. The MMORPG plan will be released for iOS and Android.
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