Serve Making Pumpkin Soup, This Robotic Is Making a Chaos!

Jakarta – Robotic should simplify our work. But apparently, this robotic is not yet ready to serve humans. Designed to serve soup but instead create chaos.
This trendy era, the technology is certainly created to simplify human work. Not most robotics can be made to serve humans, eg this pumpkin soup that turns 'fail' makes comfort.

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Having a hobby of making robotic, Simone Giertz actually make netizen amazed and disappointed. He created a robotic named "Crappy Robots" and uploaded his invention in YouTube. "I really do not like soup, especially pumpkin soup," he said, like warning of the motivation to make this 'ugly robot'.
Giertz has multi talents and is brave enough to decide to make his own pumpkin soup. He admitted that, he did not recognize how the solution to make the soup was going to be, but he still tested his own pumpkin soup. "I want to do it like robotics who want to make soup for me," he explained.
In the video he uploaded, he prepared onions and pumpkins to be cut by robotic cutters. Not looking smooth, it actually looks dangerous with an unstable speed. After that he mixed the ingredients into the pan and added milk and then softened it.

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After maturing, Giertz also prepares his new robotic. The robot is composed of a bowl container that should be moved up and down with a spoon complement. Not old then he filled the bowl with pumpkin soup and put it in robotic. After being directed with the remote, the spoon dipped into the bowl. Instead of holding the bowl and feeding it, the robotic just spilled the soup onto his shirt.
Not because it is not ready, because it can be driven with its own distant management, robotic time is operated by one of Giertz's colleagues who hold the wheel. However, still the bowl held by robotic is mentioned not too strong and not too smooth movement. The problem caused a mess that made the GIertz operating table a mess.
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