Rois Am PBNU Reveals The Challenges of The Current Students

This event was held at the campus of Islamic University of Nusantara (Uninus) Bandung, West Java (Jabar), Sunday (29/10) yesterday.

In front of the students and students, Kiai Ma'aruf Amin said, NU is very appropriate to build human resources.

"We want people to be able to read the Quran and Sunnah, but also to read the letters of God embodied in everyday life," he said in a press release on Monday (30/10).
According to him, deliberately the students should be able to read the letters, because the kiai that exist today is old.
"If the kiai dies, the knowledge is taken away, so that if there is no successor, it will run out. Therefore NU invites one of the children from the community to go home, through the motion of go mondok, "he said.
To the parents, he hopes that the child who is admitted to the pesantren is not a naughty, but a smart one.
"Send one smart child from every family to mondok and become the successor of the kiai. Do not just the bad boys sent, later pesantren even so nursery children, "he said.
He who is also Ketum MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) then said that today, the santri face many tangtangan. Unlike the ancient santri who only dealing with the Dutch.
"Now we are fighting against radical groups, intolerant groups, groups who want to destroy the country. Anyone who wants to destroy the country, will be faced with NU santri, "he said.
In addition, Ma'ruf also mentions if the current challenge of the santri is the economic gap. Pesantren said he should be the center of economic empowerment.
"This program has been supported by the President, by providing assets and unused land to pesantren. So there is not only Alfamart or Indomart, but later will appear Basmallah mart, Cipasung mart and other retailers from boarding schools, "he explained.
Ma'ruf also explained that technology can be a recruiting center for santri. Thus, santri reliable in the mastery of technology. And can be a leader who became a role model for the nation of Indonesia.
"If santrinya smart, then it will be a clever kyai and be a role model, not just Muslims but a role model for all Indonesian people," he added.
In the event held by the Regional Executive of NU Jabar, also attended the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher).
NU's commitment to the survival of NKRI, Aher said, is the foundation that was built with great difficulty by all elements of the nation, including the santri.
"Throughout the history of the state of Indonesia, the santri have the largest share in achieving independence along with other components of the nation," Aher added.
Moreover, at this time the government has set the National Day of Santri on every October 22. Thus, it is hoped to be a whip for the santri to continue to strengthen and equip themselves.

(elf / JPC)

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