Rita and Raven Ready to Accompany Yuri in Event Tales of the New Rays

The new Tales of the Rays event will present Rita and Raven, Yuri's good friend and Repede from Tales of Vesperia. Let's see the discussion here.

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Entering the new Tales of the Rays event, Bandai Namco Entertainment seems to spoil global players with an easier gift system! This makes new players can also enjoy the various events provided by developers. While after Stahn's story ends, now Ix and Mileena will be guest arrivals from Tales of Vesperia in the new Tales of the Rays event.
The fifth new Tales of the Rays event is entitled The Distorted Kaleidoscope. This time the theme of the event is serious, unlike the previous event which is the entertainment and sideline of their original game. Told of Kaleidoscope, the chief weapons machine at Tales of the Rays continues to be malfunctioning.

The problem of malfunctions of this Kaleidoscope should be addressed immediately before there is a bigger problem. Afraid of being sabotaged, Gifeon sends Gareth to fix Kaleidoscope immediately. Meanwhile Ix and his friends meet up with new Nexus, Rita and Raven who happen to be one way to the palace.
From that meeting, Gareth and Rita found that the malformed Kaleidoscope had risks for overload! The result is more severe, if not repaired, the machine will destroy the whole world and its essence because of the earthquake caused by the magic machine. Now Ix and his friends should try to stop the malfunction machine!

Meanwhile, Ix will receive two new members from the game Tales of Vesperia, here are the two new figures:
Rita Mordio

He is a very smart young mage, he is also a blastia researcher (magic conduction machine). As a very clever engineer, he is very angry if he is bullied while working. Rita herself uses a Scroll weapon that is a magic paper roll that loads dangerous magic spells!
Rita Mordia is a spellcaster with anima Wind. It has many powerful Artes with high damage. It has magic abilities with a large area, such as Tidal Wave that gives the Water and Dark element a single map attack. It also has Bloddy Howling magic that delivers Earth element damage.

Raven is a former captain of Imperial Knight, who survived the Great War. But he abandoned his true identity and is now known as Raven. Now he is on an adventure looking for a new future. Raven uses arrows to attack his enemies from afar.
Racen is a unique character in this game. It has a physical attack capability and a balanced Arte. In addition he also has some distance and distance capabilities that enable him to fight in all situations. Raven also has a heal ability to support his teammates, unfortunately he only supports female characters.
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