Ragnarok – Who is the Most Powerful in the Movie?

        Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok..L to R: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) .. Photo: Film Frame .. © Marvel Studios 2017Who is strongest in Thor: Ragnarok? Curious? Check out Thor's power rating: Ragnarok Duniaku.net version!

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One of the most fun after watching a superhero movie is trying to see who is stronger than the others.
But of course, to discuss the power of a character, the author must also consider their achievements in the film. It definitely contains spoilers. So if you do not want to get leaked, it is advisable not to continue reading.

Been watching the movie, or do not care about spoilers? Just read the reviews below!
Honorable Mention: Doctor Strange

Strange may only appear briefly in Thor: Ragnarok. However the author feels he must at least be called in the power rankings of Thor: Ragnarok this.
The cause? Strange managed to find out the arrival of Loki and Thor, then cripple Loki very quickly. Though Loki is the best magician in Asgard. But when exposed to Strange magic, Loki can only fall for a half hour, can not get out of the trap. If Strange had been a Sorcerer Supreme at Avengers 1, the Manhattan invasion might have ended sooner.
When wanted to be attacked by Loki, Strange also only throw Loki and Thor directly to where Odin is.
Unmistakably, Strange's magic will definitely help the heroes in the face of Thanos.

Leaving aside the honorable mention above, Loki only topped the rank of the rank in Thor's power rank: Ragnarok this. The reason is he is more often a victim of bullish-bully in this film.
At the beginning of his appearance, Thor arrested him and intimidated him with Mjolnir. Then on Earth, Doctor Strange managed to trap him in a portal, where he kept falling until another portal opened. When facing Valkyrie, he was successfully paralyzed. Then there was a moment where Thor paralyzed it before Loki could betray him.
Forced to fight without his flagship stick in Avengers movie first, Loki must rely on ingenuity and knife. Still, he proved himself to be an unexpected aid to his allies.
Therefore he is more entitled to be on this list than the Warriors Three, Skurge, as well as the gladiators.
Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) The Valkyrie army is an elite unit of Asgard, who perished in their attempts to arrest Hela. If you see the ability of Valkyrie throughout this movie, imagine that each of them at least as powerful as the Warriors Three.
Valkyrie is very good at fighting in close range. He proved it by surpassing Loki, even after Loki evoked his bad memories. (Keep in mind, once Loki ever surpassed Captain America in a duel). He also has the guts and ability to fight on board a ship that was flying at high speed.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk is still the same as it used to be. A powerful monster capable of crushing all opponents facing him, including aliens and gods.
The greatest achievement of the Hulk is to face Fenris, Hela's great wolf, then defeat him after an intense fight.
Fortunately Hulk was kidnapped first by Grandmaster after Age of Ultron. Just imagine what would happen if he joined the Civil War. The team he defended will definitely win in the battle at the airport.
In fact not only that, maybe the battle at the airport will be more destructive and really bring down the loss of life.
Even so, the author feels there are still three stronger than the Hulk.
Who are the top three in Thor power rankings: Ragnarok this? Read more on the second page!

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