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Vlad Vasyukhin – Moscow journalist, poet, playwright, laureate of professional literary and journalistic competitions

Vasyukhin graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. Lomonosov in 1991. He worked at the All-Union radio, in the magazines "7 days", "Ogonek", "Deli", "Crocodile" and others. He is the author of several books published in the publishing houses "Eksmo", "Vershina", "IMA-press". For several years he was a columnist of the portal, the result of the collaboration was the interview book "Creative Cuisine" (2007, reprint 2015). He is the author of numerous publications in the magazines Aeroflot, Story, TTG, n Style and others. He is a winner of professional literary and journalistic contests, including Gong (twice), Historical Drama (2016) Kuprin (2017). In the 90s he worked as a creative director in the Imageland and Magic Box agencies, and in 2015-16 he worked in the media agency Zen Media. In the record of Vlad – work as an editor at the restaurant holding A. Dellos Maison Dellos.15 years represented in Russia the international advertising festival Golden Drum (Slovenia). More than once he was a member of the jury of local and international advertising festivals. Organizer of poetic evenings and talk shows with selebretis. "I am interested in the tasks assigned to the PR department by the leadership of Depot WPF," says Vlad Vasyukhin, "There are several of them, and they are serious." Working in a branding agency – the industry leader with such charismatic professionals as Alexey Andreev, Anna Lukanina, Alexey Fadeev, Farah Kuchkarov and others is an opportunity to translate bright projects.In 2018, the agency will turn 20, and this is an excellent information opportunity and a great field for a variety of work.One direction – participation in international festivals, this year, the Depot WPF missed the Fes tival season, it's time to return to the creative pedestal. " Photo: Elena Koldunova and Vladimir Klesov.

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