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Street art for the visually impaired and the blind has appeared in Yekaterinburg Many blind people are not adapted at all in society. Discomfortable conditions for movement around the city, lack of attention on the part of others are one of many reasons why a blind person does not have the desire to take an active position in society and to manifest himself more resolutely. NGO "White cane", the author's team "Stenograffia" and the creative agency Possible Group have teamed up to create a graffiti gallery for the blind with Braille. The authors of the project within the framework of the festival of street art "Stenograffia" decided to inspire people who do not have the opportunity to see by creating a gallery of unusual objects of street art. It consists of three objects that combine visual symbols and text written in Braille. "In today's world, you can drown in pity. To the blind, deaf, disabled, poor children and so on. But it is important that this "pity" does not build a wall between us. It is necessary to include them in every possible way in our world, so that they do not feel themselves as strangers here. And in general, stop dividing it into "we" and "they". Street art is always for the sighted, and this is wrong. It is for everyone, no matter what features its viewers possess. We also want to include them in the communication of the street artist and the city. And this wall now does not divide the world into the sighted and the blind. And vice versa – connects these worlds. With this project we want to enable everyone to engage in a dialogue. So that everyone can receive messages and respond to them. This project is just the beginning, we have big plans for this communication, "Andrei Kolokolov, art director of Streetart agency, ideologist and co-founder of the" Stenografia "festival, tells about the campaign. Each of the objects tells about the achievements of blind people who managed to achieve significant success in various spheres of life, despite their illness. The heroes of the exhibition were: Tomsk scientist Mikhail Pozhidaev, who lost sight, invented the operating system for the blind. Musician Ray Charles, winner of 17 Grammy Awards The athlete Marla Runyan, who beat the national record in the 5,000 meter race. The visual part rhymes with the spheres in which these heroes have achieved success: sports, technology and music. For example, Ray Charles's story is supplemented with the accompaniment score of the song "Hit the Road, Jack", which made the musician famous. Next to each statement are attached tablets, on which the text written on the wall in Braille is duplicated. The message on each of the graffiti calls on the reader to believe in their own potential and to open it fully with the help of the NGO "White cane" – an organization that helps people with disabilities to adapt in society. Artem Filimonov, Creative Director, Possible GroupWhen we were invited to come up with an idea for street art in the framework of the Stenographfia festival, we collected several visits within the team, discussed and combined them into one presentation. One of the ideas was called Braille art. Street art for all. "Why did they decide to come up with the concept for the blind? First, we wanted to do something useful and interesting at the same time. We began to think about whom street art can help, what social problems in society we can solve. Secondly, we managed to communicate with Mikhail Pozhidaev in advance, who wrote an operating system adapted for weak vision. He shared with us the problems of most people deprived of vision, told his personal life path. This also inspired work. Thirdly, I myself have certain vision problems – the left eye sees only 8% of the norm. And the constant restrictions due to this innate occlusion made the problems of the blind closer to me. The festival was approved by Braille Art, and we began to refine this idea, consult with the visually impaired, go into details, look for a solution that is interesting and blind, and ordinary citizens. when creating the design and text of the objects themselves. We spent a very long time trying to guess the correct size of Braille points, long chose the placement. We had a great desire to inspire blind people to take to the streets from apartments where they hide from a society that practically does not create an environment for their more or less comfortable existence. We wanted to give them the opportunity to feel strong and able to change the world. After all, we did not just make art for the blind. This art is about the fact that such people could become more successful than many quite healthy people. I want to thank the whole festival team for the help, they made this project come true. A very important role was played by the NGO "White cane", which guided and advised us. And many thanks to all those who share this news among the sighted, because, it seems to me, our society lacks just such news. "Only in the Sverdlovsk region, only according to official figures, 7,000 blind people. In reality, they are twice as big. And each of them perceives the world in their own way. 20 years ago I had to learn Braille for a month, because it was very difficult to perceive the world differently. Now we are very much helped by technology, but this project is a big and pleasant step. It is very valuable that it is possible to draw attention to this topic – the theme of Braille and art among the blind people. And even if they do not go here, they will know that there is something for them, "- shared Mikhail Voitsekhovsky, representative of the NGO" White cane ". The authors of the project propose to continue street communication between the sighted and visually impaired in another format, modifying Braille art into a set of stickers. Sticker pack consists of labels with letters written in Braille, and their corresponding Cyrillic counterparts. Thus, every sighted person can leave messages for the blind and vice versa. To do this, just select the desired combination of letters and paste them on the selected surface in the city. The street art festival "Stenografia" is held with the support of the social investments program "Native cities" of the company "Gazprom Neft" in 10 cities of Russia. Detailed information about the festival can be found on the website. The composition of the creative group: NGO "White cane" Mikhail Voitsekhovsky STENOGRAFFIA Andrey KolokolovEvgeny FateevKonstantin RakhmanovDarya MelnikovaAnna KlecDmitry ChabanovPolina KozinskayaTaisiya SpirinaAnna SitnikovaAlexander GalezhnikovMaxim ParfenovEvgeny FateevAlexander ParkhomenkoAlexander Zinoviev POSSIBLE GROUP Mikhail SinelschikovArtem FilimonovCyrill Klippenstein

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