Possessive Review: Portrait of a Personal Toxic Relationship

Raising the topic of toxic relationship intensely and personally, Posesif makes other teen movies feel cemen. Check out why in the following Possessive review.
The year 2017 is a good year for Indonesian films, especially teenage movies. Some titles have been released, such as Dear Nathan (Indra Gunawan, 2017) to One Fine Day (Asep Kusdinar, 2017). But there are two teenage movies that attract attention this year, Galih and Ratna (Lucky Kuswandi, 2017) and Posesif (Edwin, 2017).
The latter two films managed to become a film that raised the standard of Indonesian teenage movies. In the future, the films are also worth remembering just as we remember the classic Ada Apa film with Cinta (2002).

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Possessive takes on the relationship of Lala (Princess Marino) and Yudhis (Duke of Dolken). They were both teenagers, 17s, and attending the same high school. Lala is a wonderful jumper athlete and Yudhis is a cute new kid at school.
Both then fall in love. Love the monkey the term. They are happy each other before they fall in a relationship of harm or in terms of kids today is toxic relationship. How can they find a way out?
Portrait of Intense Relationships

This is Lala's first love, Yudhis wants forever.
A line of strong taglines and so explains the concept of Lala and Yudhis relationships. For Lala, his relationship with Yudhis is a search for his true identity. He has never been dating, nor in this film, he is not described as having any level of love story before.
The most powerful reason why a girl as beautiful as Lala menjomblo is because he is an athlete. In the morning Lala jogging, afternoon after school he had a beautiful jump training. Night? No time … tired.

Lala feels that she is the victim of her father's coach ambition, since the mother is a talented and talented jumping jumper before being picked up. Like Yudhis's sarcasm, "are you doing this because it is told or is it because of your desires?"
Meanwhile for Yudhis, going out with Lala is about having. From behavioral remarks and gestures, Yudhis is very obsessive of Lala. He moved the tutoring lessons to have time together, willing to hurt others who approached Lala, until his efforts forced Lala to move the university option to get together.
Violence is not taboo for Yudhis for the version of his "good relationship" with Lala.

Edwin directing makes Posesif look more like a horror-thriller than a teen drama. Check out the next page.

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