Playstation Recommend Call of Duty WWII in Philippines, Indonesia When?

In the Esports and Gaming Summit 2017 (ESGS) 2017 which was held 27-29 October 2017, the Playstation made a surprise in the Philippines by bringing the popular games in the big booth. One of the games that brought was Call of Duty WWII. What kind of booth and what did the Playstation bring? Here are the highlights of the Playstation booth at ESGS 2017.

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1Bring a Mainstay Game

In contrast to ESGS 2016, this year's Playstation brings a more magnificent booth. The booth has four sides with 6 main attractions:
Call of Duty side with multilevel PS4 and two mini screens
NBA side 2k18 with multiple TVs
Side Grand Turismo, complete with PS4 driving set
Side games VR
Capcom side, with some fighting games and mini screens
The demo game side, including Final Fantasy Dissidia
Not surprisingly, seeing the many attractions offered by Playstation, this booth received widespread attention from visitors. Looks queue contagious to try games brought by Playstation.
2Consider Center
Source: Steam In addition to its many attractions, the Playstation booth is also the center of attention thanks to the WWII Call of Duty game. The Playstation also features some army clad cosmetics that accompany visitors to take pictures.

As reported previously, in Call of Duty WWII, players can feel the atmosphere of horror in World War II. In this game, players can play some weapons, including iconic weapons such as M1 Garands, Flame Thrower, shotgun, and dynamite.
3Not Brought to Indonesia?
A magnificent PlayStation stage. In one of the Q & A sessions, we asked about the future Playstation plans, especially to countries in Southeast Asia. We are quite curious about this, because until today the Playstation business to penetrate the Indonesian market we think is still minimal.
Ian Purnomo as a representative of the Playstation stated that there is a Playstation plan to conduct roadshows, including one to Jakarta. Asked more details about the show, Ian refused to answer and said it would immediately provide details immediately.
We just hope that Playstation can bring Call of Duty WWII and other games, including Monster Hunter: World in his visit to Jakarta later, hopefully!

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