Places to Visit During Autumn in South Korea

        Source: Pinterest Imagine you take a walk under lush trees with the leaves that have begun to change into redness, then the path you go through is full of falling leaves, really romantic right? Eitss, it's not just fantasy loo. You can enjoy and feel the romantic atmosphere above when visiting South Korea in autumn.
For that, special for you, has prepared a number of destinations that you should visit during autumn in Korea.
1Nami Island
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If you've ever watched the Winter Sonata drama series, it would be no stranger to this place. Yup, this place is one of the filming shooting locations starring Bae Young-Jun and Choi Ji-Woo's.
Winter Sonata Statue on Nami Island. Source: Nami Island name is taken from the name of a general, General Nami who has great service during the Joseon Dynasty. To honor the services of the great general, his name was immortalized to be the name of this island.
On the island which is also known as Namiseom there are a variety of trees that are tailored to the name of the road there. For example on Ginko Street, you will find hundreds of ginko trees along the side of the road.
Well, this autumn is the most appropriate time to enjoy the beauty of Ginko tree. Because in this season, the leaves of the ginko tree will be colored to yellow, brown, or red. Romantic really guys?

2Garden of Morning Calm
Source: other place you should visit during autumn in Korea is Garden of Morning Calm.
The park, located in the Gyeonggi-do region, holds beautiful scenery throughout the year. There, visitors can also buy a variety of products made from natural ingredients such as Flower Rain cologne, tea leaves, scented candles and dried herbs that are beneficial for herbal remedies.
View of the Garden of Morning Calm in autumn. Source: Korea.netIn the park that became the shooting location of the Smile Again drama, You are Beautiful, and Love in the Moonlight there are more than 5000 species of plants that 300 of them are from Mount Baekdusan.
One in the drama Love in the Moonlight shootingnya location located in the Garden of Morning Calm. Source: koreandramaland.comEvery year in fall, Garden of Morning Calm will hold Festival of Chrysanthemums and Autumnal Tints.
3Namsan Tower and Namsan Mountain
Source: It can be said that Namsan Tower or N Seoul Tower is a favorite spot for tourists when visiting Seoul.
When boarding the cable car, you will be presented with a view of the hills below that make visitors see Seoul from another perspective. Arriving at the summit of Namsan Mountain, you will be instantly served with a beautiful view of the City of Seoul which in autumn is decorated with colorful leaves.

In addition, inside the Namsan Tower you can visit the Namsan Tower observatory and wishing pond. And for those who already have a partner, you can buy love locks or locks of love and lock it in the railing and guardrail in the base Namsan tower.
4Hanul Park
Source: http: //english.visitkorea.or.krTaman located in Sangam-dong area, Mapo-gu is one of the parks located in World Cup Park.
Hanul which means the sky is like a garden that has the highest place. To reach the top of the park, visitors are required to climb about 290 steps up. But it is very comparable to the scenery offered from the top of Hanul Park.
At the top of this park, visitors can see the various sights from different areas such as the city of Seoul, Namsan mountain, Bukhansan, and Gwanaksan.
Another interesting thing is the rows of redwood trees along the way. In each fall, in this place is held Eulalia Festival where the weeds will be highlighted from the top and move like a wave of silver.

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