Persiba Lapada Dada Relegated to League 2

"It's a bitter end for us. Few opportunities to escape from the degradation just vanished by the players themselves, "said Persiba manager, Bambang Suhendro, after the game as reported by liga-

Bambang Persiba rate can at least hold the draw Madura United 3-3. "But we just lost because of the blunder. We are disappointed, when the team is improving and has a magnificent new stadium, it must go down the division. Yes please, that's football, next year we have to prepare to play in League 2, "added Bambang.

Persiba finally grateful chest accept the reality must be down caste. In next season, they play in League 2. They will accompany Gresik United who has been confirmed relegated first.
Although accept the fact, actually assessed Persiba could be better. In the second round, a number of new players were brought in. The appearance of the Honey Bear began to improve. However, fate says otherwise. The Honey Bear is not circulating in League 1 next season.

(epr / JPC)

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