One Punch Man Celebrates Halloween 2017 with a Costume Party!

Character One Punch Man costume party. The excitement of One Punch Man Halloween you can follow also by installing this Yusuke Murata made wallpaper.
Halloween is coming soon. The day that was originally commemorated to celebrate this Saints experienced cultural assimilation with today's habits. Usually celebrated on October 31st, people will be wearing spooky costumes to do trick or treat, diisengin, or gift giving. This also applies to One Punch Man Halloween.
Yusuke Murata as the mangaka of One Punch Man enliven Halloween 2017 by creating the characters of One Punch Man style with Halloween costume. But of course they do not appear in serious circumstances, but in the form of super derformed illustrations – images of midget proportions so deh.
Yusuke Murata illustrated One Punch Man Halloween for various media, so we can install One Halloween One Punch Man wallpaper on PC, android, or iPhone. Because Yusuke Murata has arranged the illustration of this character in various resolutions.
The One Punch Man character that is seen in One Punch Man illustration is:

Saitama with pumpkin head
Genos costumed Dracula bats
Saitama is exposed to ceplokan
Genos costumes rabbits are cleaning
Castle Puri Prisoner costumed Cupid
Tatsumaki became a witch's grandmother flying with a broom
Silver Fang became a Chinese ghost hunter
Bomb so zombi kyonshi
Lin Lin so zombi kyonshi
Blue Fire so zombi kyonshi
Atomic Samurai so Grandpa take bamboo
Child Emperor wearing kimono
King so Frankenstein
Hundred-eyes Octopus be a ghost
Darkshine Superalloy so Monk Tong
Suiryu so Sun Wu Kong
Pig God became Cho Hakkai
Iaian so Sha Wujing
Flashy Flash so Kyuubi
Chain n Toad became a sickle-headed swordsman
Tanktop Master so Jason Voorhess
Zakos became a lighted ghost
Mumen Rider so … mushroom?
Hammerhead so ghost samurai
Sweet Mask so vampire Drakula
Sneck costumed Tsuchinoko – caught by Busaiku
Fubuki was wearing a kimono
Mountain Ape is a snowman
Eyelash is a snowman
Lily is a snowman
Zombie Man so … Zombie
Speed ​​o Sound Sonic a black cat
Surly Brothers become An Pam Man and balloons
Metal Knight so box
Drive Knight Headless Horseman
Watch Dog Man Become Cerberus
Metal Bat is a red devil
Zenko is a purple demon
Garou became a werewolf
Garou is Enma Daio
Mosquito became a nun
Charanko is a patient
Pig God became Marshmellow Man
Tanktop Master is a Little Red Ridding Hood
Crablante so … wolf grandmother?
Melzargard became a bat
Gyoro Gyoro bath soup
Gyoro is a bat
Glasses became a witch
Do-S is a nun
Lightning Max became a Lightning God
Lightning Genji became the God of Lightning
Magic Trick Man so magic-handed and long-legged
These wallpapers are available in several formats, including:
· 1080 × 1920.jpg (iPhone)
· 1440 × 1280.jpg (Android)
· 1920 × 2160.jpg (Android)
· 1024 × 768.jpg (PC)
· 1280 × 1024.jpg (PC)
· 1920 × 1080.jpg (PC)
Edited by Doni Jaelani

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