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            In "Novospassky" offices more than 150 prestigious companies are rented. Every day come here
            work for about 15,000 people! We ended up in a separate city with its own atmosphere. This is the point
            Attraction for those who love comfort, style and culture. On almost 9 hectares of space
            "Obstanovochke" was where to turn, so we start to dive into the atmosphere!
History of 200 years

            The walls of red brick store almost two hundred years of history. History of the business district
            "Novospassky" originates in 1823, when in its place the Swiss Bucher
            opens a small handicraft workshop for printing calico. Soon the workshop turned
            in a real manufactory.
            The origins of this tissue history are sanctioned (ban on the importation
            printed fabrics to Russia), which resulted in the influx of foreign specialists.
            They built something here and this is not like a similar quarter
            with a European character and Protestant restraint.
                    Memory buildings on buildings
                    Emot Zindel's stamps were fixed.
                    It is at this head
                    Manufacture became the best in the country.
            The main events in the life of this bungalow are recorded on a long fence at the entrance:
            all dates are woven into the history of the Russian state.


            The list of those who starts and ends here their weekdays, is very eloquent: BBDO Group,
            Softline UPS, Castorama, SPN Group, Topcon, Renaissance Insurance, Karl Storz, Dars Consulting, MEDSI and others.
            In "Novospassky" there are no glass soulless boxes, here there reigns the authentic spirit of European
            manufactories of industrial capitalism. Except for one, all buildings have historical value.
            Cast iron stairs store the sonorous sounds of steps from the last century, and walk on them is a special pride.

        In the original plan there were no green roofs, superstructured attics – this is the innovation born
        during the reconstruction of 2006. External staircases are also modern, they carry an important
        function of emergency exits, and also give the image of the quarter even more features of London.
        Krasnokrypichnaya masonry saw the light recently, because in former times, it was hiding under a thick layer
        yellow plaster.

        In the evening, when the illumination is turned on, there is a romantic mood on the cobbled streets, and then
        a tired accountant dissolves a strong bundle of magnificent hair, director of the creative agency
        relaxes his broad shoulders, the weary manager throws off his tight jacket, and they all want
        Stay here and spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere.
    Colorful house with a pipe
                The culture of the place emphasizes the presence of
                in the former boiler house of the Institute of Russian
                realistic art.
        Local call the IRRI Museum its "Tretyakovka", which has a unique
        private collection of painting of the national realistic school of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
        And on this museum history of the quarter does not end. Exclusive prints, prints, sketches
        and photographs that have survived from the manufactory are a legacy that is worthy of about it
        learned everything. Therefore, in the near future a museum of chintz will open here, which will attract
        attention of fashion industry and, as the initiators expect, will create interesting collaborations
        with modern designers.

    The point of attraction is "urban" area
        The life of Novospassky focuses on the area where non-stop events take place.

        If before the space was a "big parking", then now you can entertain yourself the most
        original ways: take part in poetic performances, play the piano, lie down
        on the beach of the local "lounge-kovorkinga" or feed the birds arriving in the stylized
        a birdhouse.
        In the fountain float inflatable flamingos, the tower hours of battle reports the flow of working hours, shops
        with conceptual signatures are filled with people according to preferences: who to read the book, who to discuss
        film, and who simply dream or generate crazy ideas – in short, during working hours,
        in a minute from the office to switch consciousness and abstract from the routine.

        Another portal to the world outside of work is sport.
        On 4 tennis tables under a canopy there are regular ping-pong battles, and a vorkout-playground
        never empty – among the local there are a lot of lovers to work out on the horizontal bars.
        And on the Backyard of "Novospassky" 24/7 a multi-sport playground for a team game in basketball is open,
        volleyball, mini-football.
    Town in the city
        Looking at the map of Novospassky, we can conclude that this is not a block, but a city. There is
        cafes and restaurants, shops and pharmacies, banks and fitness centers with a swimming pool, a medical clinic
        and beauty salons. And also a bilingual kindergarten, the largest parking lot in Zamoskvorechye
        and stops, from which employees carry up to the subway special shuttles.
        All infrastructural points actively and successfully cooperate with the landlord, creating special
        conditions for the "residents" of the quarter. For example, discounts in the clinic or special rates in the
        companies that are represented in Novospasskoye.
        Figurines, benches, paving slabs and even covers on water hatchways – all
        Exterior elements are made according to individual design.
        Breaks the long park avenue, which is based on the New York park
        The High Line was named the Backyard of Novospassky. It connects Derbenevskaya street with the embankment
        The Moscow River.
    The life of wonderful ideas
        Here brightly blossoming maple trees, there is an amphitheater for conducting lectures and a playground
        for lunch-yoga, which in the intervals between meditative practices is transformed
        in the rookery for seals. Here in the literal sense, you can lie down after a hearty dinner. Job
        next – nowhere to run is not necessary.
        It's like a separate highly comfortable world. But the city is not closed, but open: in it
        round the clock you can freely enter and enter. On the territory you can walk, take pictures
        and hanging out 7 days a week.

        The image of the place is created by regular events: custom conventions, retro-auto shows,
        food projects from different cities of Russia, courtyard parties, and in all this everyone
        employee of the quarter – direct participant!

        And imagine yourself in the office, in the workplace. The clock on the tower struck the dinner time. Are you getting off
        To the square. You buy food from a Philippine cook from a pro-Berlin food court. You are falling apart
        on a soft cushion under the awning, lower your feet into the sea sand and realize that life is beautiful
        thing. You do not post in the social network a quote about the fact that the planet came black Monday
        for slaves, because the beginning of your everyday life is colored in bright colors!
        And while you finish your dinner, you are already called from the mobile barbershop to beauty procedures.
        At this time, from the side of the park avenue breezes an Italian banned – it's a fair of cheeses and wines
        came directly to your office. And you will definitely go there at the end of the day, right after
        how to take the kinder from the harten! And so every day!
        Here, traditions are born that attract people from outside.
        "Novospassky" – a magnet in the heart of Moscow, charged with comfort and creativity.


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