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Company she will make rapper Gnoyny and the king of domestic variety Philip Kirkorov

Earlier, the composition became aware of the participation in the judging of the musical show Gnoy and Philip Kirkorov. The male company in the jury will be diluted by the singer Nyusha. Nyusha's participation in the TV project on the STS is symbolic: exactly ten years ago she won the show "STS lights a superstar!". "That's how interesting the history was hovering around! During this time there were hundreds of concerts, dozens of songs and awards. Probably, now I also want to help talented guys find their way to success, "- says Nyusha. Nyusha admits that one of the reasons she agreed to become a part of the show was her project colleagues. Nyusha, the singer Philip Kirkorov is a legend of the Russian stage, which does not cease to amaze spectators and us musicians. Of course, I heard about the rapper Gnoy – a guy who conquered the Internet and made everyone listen to the clock battle with great interest. They are representatives of absolutely different musical cultures. The more interesting it will be to discuss the participants of the show, express their opinion and give parting words. I expect participants to maximize the energy and identity. I think the main thing is to have your own handwriting: it's important to show that you have talent and potential. These are the people I want to see – capable, loving, and living their dream, and still charged with success, with the desire to work hard and hard. The heroes of the new show will get everything they need to conquer show business without the help of producers. But every week their places can be taken by equally strong characters, ready to call any of the four on the battle. In the new STS show, inspiring the participants for success will be the popular singer Vera Brezhneva, who will become the host of the project.

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