Nostalgia The Myth of Mister Gepeng. Do You Believe in This Ghost?

From ancient times until now, the myths about ghosts are never endless baseball. One that is quite popular is the myth of the 90s about a ghost named Mister Gepeng. But actually, where is the origin of the myth of Mister Gepeng this?

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For those of you who grew up in the 90s, certainly familiar with the ghostly figure of Mister Gepeng is much talked about. Although there is no truth and touted as a mere hoax story, the myth of Mister Gepeng remains a hot topic to discuss. Moreover, there are still many people who believe and fear of this one creature.
One that always makes people curious, actually from where the beginning of the myth of Mister Gepeng is rolling? And what does it look like? Is it really scary?
If searching for answers on the internet, many versions surround the origins of the myth of Mister Gepeng. One of the most famous stories is Mister Gepeng is a wealthy businessman. But one day, he was found dead by accident in an elevator. That said, because wedged elevator, his body became flattened.
Another story is even more extreme. Mentioned if the death of the wealthy businessman is due bulldozer bulldozer until the plate.
Uniquely, although killed in the elevator or bulldozer bulldozer but it is believed if the ghost Mister Gepeng can only be found in women's toilets. There are even some women who claimed to have met this ghostly figure when entering the bathroom.
As a result, because of the myth of Mister Gepeng, many women who do not dare to enter the bathroom itself. Maybe this is the origin of why women if you want to go to the bathroom should be funny.

Another news also mentions if Mister Gepeng died when carrying a pile of money in the suitcase. Well for you who have high guts, can get part of the treasure. The way is quite easy, namely by calling the number 7777777. The next day, you can take the money terebut in the toilet hole.
If you think about it now, the myth of Mister Gepeng is very silly and absurd. But strangely, in the past many people were very believers. Even almost one Indonesia knows about this phantom phenomenon.
In fact, in the past there has been no internet and information dissemination was not too massive, different from now that all information can be spread easily. The only reason why the myth of Mister Gepeng is popular is of course because of gossip that spread from one school to another school or from one neighborhood to another.

Well how do you think about the myth of Mister Gepeng? Do you ever believe this phenomenon?

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