New Released, Nintendo Jump Announces New DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors

        Source: Nintendo UK With the release of the Fire Emblem Warriors, recently Nintendo has announced that three DLCs for the game will be released. Let's find out what additional content is in each of those DLCs!

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If you successfully complete the Fire Emblem Warriors in a short time, do not worry because your adventure is not over yet. Although they did not announce the name of the DLC, Nintendo announced that by the end of the year to early next year there will be three DLC Fire Emblem Warriors inspired by previous Fire Emblem games: Fates, Shadow Dragon and Awakening.

According to news from GameSpot, the three content will be available for either 3DS or Switch versions and each DLC will be priced at 9 $ (- / + IDR 120,000). The DLC will also provide various scenarios, characters, weapons, costumes, and new conversation choices that you play. However, if you want to save more and instantly buy all three DLCs at once, then you can buy a season pass for 20 $ (- / + IDR 270,000).
Source: Nintendo Life To date Nintendo still has not announced exactly when the three DLCs will be released, however, CinemaBlend has given a little idea of ​​what the contents of each DLC is.
Fire Emblem Fates:
Character: Azura, Niles, Oboro
Three new historical scenarios
Five new costumes
13 broken armor model.
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon:
Character: Navarre, Minerva, Linde
Three new historical scenarios
four new costumes
six new weapons
Nine broken armor models
Fire Emblem Awakening:
Characters: Owain, Tharja, Olivia
Three new historical scenarios
Three new costumes
Seven new weapons
Ten broken armor models.
This DLC structure is very similar to what Nintendo did with Omega Force during the release of Hyrule Warriors. Not long after the release of the game, Nintendo immediately showed a series of DLCs containing new characters, weapons, and scenarios that could be played by his fans.
Source: Dual ShockersWhile this looks like Nintendo is deliberately "holding back" some content from a game, Fire Emblem Warriors is a game that takes a lot of time and patience to get it done. This level of difficulty makes the Fire Emblem Warriors stand out as a full game, and the players can assume all three DLCs to be released by Nintendo as an addition and not part of the main content.

Nintendo's decision to release a DLC is just one example of how the company began to adapt to the current trend. Not only do all the DLCs they provide add fresh content, they understand how to sell bigger franchises. This change is very visible from DLC Fire Emblem Warriors that you can buy separately, whereas previously both DLC for Breath of the Wild you have to buy at once.
This news is certainly very encouraging for heavy fans of Fire Emblem franchise who still want to know the continuation of the Fire Emblem Warriors. What kind of content do you still want to add to the game? Do not forget to write it in the comment well!

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