Napoli became a very remarkable team throughout the season

Napoli is currently sitting comfortably at the top of the table and is at odds with three of its closest rivals Juventus and Internazionale Milan.

Napoli is also regarded as one of the most entertaining teams because of his attractive style of play, has even made 32 goals and conceded only eight goals in Serie A.

Regardless, coach Maurizio Sarri is reluctant to laugh. He ensured the work of Napoli was still very much to reach a higher level again.
"Currently the condition of soccer world is unpredictable, I think the top team can not continue to show the pace like us," he told Goal.
"In the future, the game will be more difficult, our record should have slowed down, but not only us but all the teams who want to win the title, for me we have to get more than 90 points to win the title."

(rap / JPC)

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