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The installation research has already been carried out in the summer residenceDepositphotos The research company Mediascope at its client conference announced that it is moving from the measurement of television to the measurement of total video and follows this strategy systematically. In the second half of 2018, the meter will provide data on the dacha (an installation survey has already been conducted) and mobile television viewing, Kseniya Achkasova, director of television research at Mediascope, told the conference. Mediascope has already conducted an installation study on the dacha television viewing in July-August 2017. At the start of the project, the sample was one thousand households, the general population is similar to the main Mediascope telemetry project. The installation of equipment for regular measurements will begin in May 2018, and the first data will be available to the market in the fourth quarter of 2018. Big TV Rating, one of Mediascope's key projects, which is based on tagging TV content to measure its audience online (desktop) and subsequent recording of these data in TV ratings, is also planned to expand, Kseniya Achkasova said. In the second quarter of 2018, Big TV Rating will include data from the Mediascope mobile panel measuring 7.5 thousand people. Thus, it will be possible to tag mobile content and take TV viewing from mobile devices. On the beginning of measurements of mobile and suburban television viewing in 2018 was previously told by the first deputy general director of the National Advertising Alliance (sells advertising on most Russian TV channels) Sergey Koptev. The top manager of the NRA explained that in 2019 the seller planned to take into account the consumption of TV content from mobile devices when selling advertisements on TV channels. At the client conference, Mediascope company presented the latest data of the Big TV Rating project. Now 14 TV channels are tagging on demand (demand): these are the channels of VGTRK, Gazprom-Media and STS Media holdings. Seven TV channels tag live players (live broadcasts): Russia 1, Russia 24, Russia K, NTV, Match TV, TNT and STS. Desktop screening adds only 0.7% to TV ratings, Mediascope data on 7 TV channels (video on demand + live broadcasts) in the audience 12-64. However, for individual TV projects, the increase is more significant. For example, watching the program "Baby 2" (channel "Friday!") Online on desktop devices added to the TV-rating of the transfer, on average, + 23%. According to some "Patsank 2" series, the increase was about + 40%, Mediascope representative Ksenia Achkasova noted. Online watching TV shows gives their TV ratings of about + 20%. If we consider not the increase in the audience within the Big TV Rating, but of advertising, then the GRP gain on the TNT channel is 3-5%, according to the latest data. Changes will affect Internet measurements, in particular, Mediascope begins to consider the audience of video content of all players, and not just tagged, as it was before. In addition, all sites where the video was viewed are now recorded, said Inessa Ishunkin, director of Internet research at Mediascope. previously wrote about these plans with reference to Mikhail Reibman, director of multimedia research at MediaScope. Mediascope also announced preparations for the measurement in all media of the upcoming sports events in 2018 and advertising in them, in particular the World Cup, which will be held in Russia.

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