MachineGames Reveals Reason Wolfenstein 2 Comes Without Multiplayer

Behind the development process of Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, there is one thing that makes MachineGames studios do not enter multiplayer mode.

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Singleplayer campaign, a linear storyline mode, has recently been shunned by developers. Many prefer to develop online or multiplayer features as a mode with high replay value. Unlike other developers, MachineGames prefers to focus on singleplayer mode for Wolfenstein 2.
With EA closing the Visceral Games studio and Rockstar Games not working on the story expansion for GTA V, there is not much to see in singleplayer mode. The reason, not a few people who are interested in singleplayer mode, although it has a linear groove.

In fact, the linear storyline can still be contrived interesting while in the right hands. Examples such as the Modern Warfare storyline is phenomenal and even more interesting than the other series of Call of Duty though the latest.
Speaking of the right hand, MachineGames as developer for Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus stated that the game does not come with a multiplayer mode. According to them, the presence of multiplayer will actually disrupt the story line that will be presented.
Unlike the EA that began to show their dislike of the linear singleplayer, MachineGames is more concerned with the storyline. The representation to be presented to the player must be consistent in the eyes of Wolfenstein 2 developers.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Tommy Tordsson Björk revealed that they should focus on singleplayer if MachineGames wants to present a very spectacular narrative. "Adding multiplayer to the development process will only interfere with the storyline, that's how difficult it is to do two things in one go," adds Tommy.
Not only that, Tommy also revealed that they are very optimistic about the controversial The New Colossus storyline. "There are many things you have not seen, and we are trying to do what we can. We keep developing Wolfenstein according to what makes it special: thick dramas and dark-comedy comedy, "called Tommy.

Wolfenstein is a game series that is highly praised for the presentation of the given path. However, this game can not be separated from the controversy gained. The controversy is also a testament to MachineGames' commitment to a consistent plot, regardless of the negative comments received.
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