Lyushin aircraft will be a collection of aircraft in the aerospace museum.

With the presence of the Avia's Lyushin II-14 aircraft, the Airgel Museum Mandala adds more to its aircraft collection. So that in 2018 is expected to reach 61 aircraft of various types. So that increasingly add aerospace education facilities for the wider community.

Head of Museum Dirgantara Mandala, Colonel Sus Dede Nasrudin said, as early as 2017 aircraft collected in the museum as many as 50 units. Meanwhile, this time has increased to 53, including newly imported from Lanud Abdulrachman Saleh, Malang, East Java.

"(Aircraft) Ilyushin in the journey.After arriving at Adisutjipto later restored, then put into a museum of aerospace," he said, met at the Museum Dirgantara Mandala, Yogyakarta, Monday (30/10).
Ilyushin II-Avia is a medium, twin-engined transport aircraft. The aircraft was twice imported to Indonesia. In the first phase, January 24, 1957, at Lanud Halimperdanakusuma with type Ilyusin II-14 tail number T-401 from Russia. This aircraft later became the presidential plane. Then in the second phase of Czechoslovakia, as a VIP aircraft for ministers and government officials.
While the plane from Malang which was just departed on Saturday (28/10) then, it takes several days to get to Yogyakarta. Because in the process still prioritize traffic for the benefit of the community.
In the process of restoration, nantipun take 1-2 months duration. Only then can be enjoyed by museum visitors. "This Aerospace Museum, has become the largest in Southeast Asia," said Major Sus Subiyah, Kaur Information General Force, Lanud Adisutjipto.
According to Subiyah, the collection in the museum of various types is quite complete. Like a light, medium, heavy loader. "There is for the type of trainer, combat, and amphibians so that it can continue to inspire the younger generation, inspire the spirit of aerospace patriotism," he concluded.

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