Learning to Be a Super Rempong Parent in Think of the Children

Curious how the heck rempongnya so parents? If so, then you should try Think of the Children simulation game! This game is really frustrating!

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For those of you who are still single or not married, definitely curious how busy to be parents. Especially if our child is naughty and likes to play in the place of danger. Well, if you're curious and curious, then you can play a simulation game called Think of the Children! Check out directly from the promotional video below.

Like the title, Think of the Children! carrying a unique theme that is simulating keeping children from things that endanger them. Actually this game itself also take the terrible events that exist in the real world. But depicted with pixel images, so that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Your job is to take care of the children while completing the work that is your duty. In accordance with the title, you should pay attention and think about what the child is doing. For those aged under five, when they like to walk alone, they still do not know what is harmful to them. For that you will be present as the savior of their lives.
There are many instances to watch for these children. For example, when playing in the playground, foreigners could be approached and kidnapped. Or when they see butterflies flying into the highway, these kids will chase after them without noticing the passing car. Even at home they could be in a washing machine, or eating poisoned food.

When playing, players will be assigned in a cache that appears in the corner of the screen. For example when to the supermarket, your job is to provide household needs such as cheese, vegetables, sauces, meat, and so forth. Well, when you look for these ingredients, the kids with you may be interested in something and leave you.

Because it is a simulation game, players can create their own family as they please. Even players can also customize each family member who will play in this game. After that, players can choose a place to do activities such as playgrounds, beaches, supermarkets, and so forth.

This game also supports multiplayer games. You can work with other players up to a total of four players. This game also supports multiplayer co-op locally loh! If you manage to keep the kids, then you will open a new customization option. Of course this feature can increase the cool level of your character.
The game released by Jammed Up Studios and done by Supprise Attack has been released in Steam! you can buy it for Rp 89.999 in the following Steam page.

Edited by Fachrul Razi

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