Know No, How Krillin and No 18 Married?

Through a question and answer session, Akira Toriyama tells how Krillin and No 18 finally get married and have a child as it is today!
Although Akira Toriyama once said that the Dragon Ball series is only made for fun without having to make the reader / viewer think seriously, but we can not stop wondering about the many things that happen in the series. Perhaps, one of the mysteries that many make fans wonder is: how can Krillin and No 18 get married?
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In an interview page with Akira Toriyama (via Kanzenshuu), Akira Toriyama was asked how could Krillin and No 18 get married? Toriyama answered as follows:
"A lot happens for 7 years. For No 18, Krillin is the kind of person he has never met before: very kind and honest. Little by little, he became interested in Krillin's like that. In my mind, their love story grew so well; like Bulma and Vegeta. "
If you follow the Dragon Ball series, surely you remember that during Cell Saga, Krillin once deliberately did not destroy Android 18-when it was, Cell got closer to its perfect shape. In addition, Krillin also asked for Shenlon so that bombs in the body No. 18 removed. 7 years after Cell Saga, entered Majin Buu Saga, they were finally married and had a child.

So why did Akira Toriyama not tell their story in the manga? Toriyama explains that she's too embarrassed to tell the romance story in her manga:
"Obviously, I can not possibly draw that (the story of KRILLIN and No. 18) in the manga. I mean, that's very, very embarrassing. I will give it to my friend Masuzaku Katsura-kun for a love story like that. "
So, that's why Krillin and android woman named Lazuli original can get married. Dragon Ball itself is a manga that tells the action and the fight, it seems the story of love story is not something suitable to be incorporated into this manga-at that moment.

However, seeing how the times and trends are changing right now, I think that's something interesting if Akira Toriyama makes a story about Krillin and No 18. Eh, or maybe there's yes in the form of doujin? Ha ha.

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