June's Rain Involved the Son of the Black Steel Knight

Who is Koutaro Kakimoto? Koutaro Kakimoto is the son of the famous Tetsuo Kurata thanks to the role of Kotaro Minami in the Black Steel Knight series in the 1990s. He later began his career in Indonesia.

Hestu Saputra as director admitted deliberately chose Koutaro Kakimoto because in the movie required the character of the Japanese.

"I see that he is very capable of acting, call Koutaro and the test can make this character, not because he's a black stainless steel boy, but his talent is good and extraordinary," Hestu Saputra said during a visit to JavaPos.com, Graha Pena Jakarta Selatan , Tuesday (31/10).
It took patience for Hestu to teach Koutaro a role in the June Rain. Especially as Katsuo, Koutaro also claimed to be Indonesian.
"When reading is really cool, the difficulty fits dramatic moments, because it is less suitable if you use Japanese language, so invite him Indonesian," he explained.
Meanwhile, Koutaro said he was happy to be involved in the June Rain. Moreover, the production team and players are very helpful greetings adaptation.
"Very honorable to be able to play Indonesian movie Rain in June, this movie is really beautiful, I have to practice Indonesian language too," Koutaro added.
The June Rain Movie is coming soon all over the country's homosex. The drama is worth the wait because it is the result of the adaptation of the legendary novel entitled the work of Sapardi Djoko Darmono.
Hestu Saputra as the director said that the task of making the film Rainy June is quite heavy. He is required to translate the poetry and novel by Sapardi Djoko Damono, which is very famous to be a fun movie show.
Various communication is done Hestu Saputra with Sapardi Djoko Darmono. He asks for important content from poetry or novels that should be included in the film. However, there is no intervention between the two. Sapardi even frees Hestu to develop it.
The script of the June Rain movie was written by Titien Wattimena. According to Hestu, the manuscript work lasts for one year. While filming lasts one month. Shooting takes place a week in Japan, Manado for 17 days, and the rest in Jakarta.
June rain tells the life of Pingkan (Velove Vexia) who is a mixed girl of Manado and Java. He had a relationship without status with a Javanese man named Sarwono (Duke of Dolken).
Polemic appeared when Pingkan who is a young lecturer of Japanese Literature at the University of Indonesia get the task of studying to the State Sakura. He is accompanied by Katsuo (Koutaro Kakimoto), a Japanese person studying in Indonesia. While Sarwono was not willing people who loved go.
In addition to the above players, Rain of June also stars Baim Wong, Ira Wibowo, Sundari Soekotjo, Jajang C Noer, Sapardi, and others.
June Rain Movie starts airing on November 2, 2017 in all theaters nation.

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