It's The Reason Why Many K-pop Idols Hijrah to the World of Acting

Many Idol groups of K-pop are becoming very popular because of their outstanding talent in music. But some of the Idol, instead chose to move to the world of acting. Why?

In singing and dancing, lots of Idols get positive feedback from fans. Coupled with a beautiful and handsome face, today many of the K-pop Idol that not only shine in the world stage, but also conquer the world of acting.
A lot of oblique news about the Idol who moved to become an artist. Some say if they just rely on his face and fandom who always accompany the Idol. But it was refuted when Idol won awards for their excellent acting skills.
source: tumblrIf we notice, the job becomes Idol alone is very tiring. Therefore, when they will make a comeback, they have to practice day and night to keep up their performance later.
Not only that, after they make a comeback also a row of solid schedules are already in front of them to promote their latest single or album. The Idol will be busy with various variety shows, radio schedules and still have to record the music show.
To claim a K-pop group it will cost KRW 2 billion (roughly RP 23 billion). That's why some Idols do not even earn their salary despite their debut years. This is because they have to pay their debt first to the management that overshadows them.
source: allkpopThe cost is used for the cost of their meals, shelter and any training provided by their management as long as they are still trainees. For big agencies like YG, JYP and SM do not take long because they have a greater chance of success.
Well, after they pay the debt then they enjoy all the hard work. In addition to continuing their career into a K-pop group, many idols are also migrated to the world of acting. Because the career paths offered do not recognize the time and age.
While the Idol is a target market teenagers, so that when it's been years of debut, they will be replaced with new idols. For example SNSD, many of its members who emigrated to the world of cinema because they have to compete with new Idol like Twice or Red Velvet.
source: youtubeWell, that's roughly why many of the K-pop Idols are migrating to acting. One of the idols who will soon be comeback in the world of cinema is Choi Siwon. Hmmm … so the more guns are ya ?!
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