It's Beautiful! 5 Korean Celebrities Apparently Yoona SNSD's Heavy Fans

        source: SNSD giphyYoona is known as center or visual in its group. Just look at the beautiful face … who is not tempted? Includes 5 male celebrities who idolize Yoona below.

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Who has never heard of SNSD's name? For K-pop lovers, SNSD's name is a very familiar name ears. Moreover, hearing the name of one of its members, SNSD's Yoona. This 27-year-old beautiful girl has been a trainee at SM Entertainment since 2002 and debuted in 2007.
Since his debut to date, Yoona got a lot of praise for his pretty face. He even earned the title of "Daughter-in-law" from mothers in Korea. Not only mothers, celebrities below also admitted very amazed at the beauty of Yoona SNSD.
1Daesung Big Bang

Big Bang is one of the K-pop idols who rarely comment on prihal romance or women. But in a reality show, the Big Bang member Daesung can not hide his joy when he meets Yoona. During the event, Daesung tried every way to get Yoona's attention even though his efforts finally failed.
2Jay Park

When in an event Jay Park was given the question of who the best female group idol was, she answered SNSD and from all her members Jay Park admitted she was very impressed with SNSD's Yoona. Jay Park confesses Yoona not only has beauty but she is also very kind and friendly.
3Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki is a pretty frontal actor who reveals his admiration for Yoona. Whenever he comes up and asks about the ideal type he will always answer Yoona. Even while Lee Jun Ki was in the army, he had uploaded a video message to Yoona.
4Chansung 2PM

When 2PM and SNSD are in one reality show frame, the members are asked to choose a partner. Without hesitation Chansung immediately chose Yoona and tried to steal the show by dancing. After that when the game is done they are asked to look at each other but Chansung could not hold back embarrassment.
5Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi can be regarded as a successful fanboy. This is because of all the fans of Yoona, Lee Seung Gi who is able to steal Yoona's heart to become a lover. Not just once twice, Seunggi always said that his dream woman is SNSD's Yoona. Although unfortunately the love story of both must end after dating a year old.

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