Iraq Seeks to Get Iranian Support to Complete Kurdish Crisis

"The central government will only accept the cancellation of the results of the referendum. We demand compliance (Kurds) against the constitution, "a spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister's office said yesterday (26/10).

When the stance statement was released, Haider was in Tehran City, Iran. He meets Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Mullah Affairs, and other top Iranian officials to discuss Kurdish issues.

While Iraq seeks Iranian support in resolving the Kurdish crisis, clashes break out on the border of Iraq and the KRG. "Iraqi forces attacked Kurdish troops near the Turkish border," explained a KRG official. But Ahmed al-Asadi's report from the pro-government paramilitary forces, Popular Mobilization Forces, He called the Kurdish troops who opened the attack. (*)

(AP / Reuters / hep / c17 / any)

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