Indonesia Less Economist, 20 Years No Regeneration

At least, that's the view of the Economist Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), Bhima Yudhistira. "Nearly 20 years of economic cadre is almost none," he told, Friday (27/10).

In fact, continued Bhima, the future of Indonesia will require many young economists. The needs are also diverse, ranging from fintech economist, e-commerce, up to big data.

"The economist needed now is not just a fiscal observer, monetary but a digital economy observer, his S2 and S3 specialists take the digital economy," he explained.
He is optimistic if many young people in the future can exceed him as a young economist. For him, it would be nice to see young people contribute their thoughts to public policy. The way is certainly for the benefit of society and country.
In addition, he also calls being an economist is not detrimental. In relation, economists have great potential toward higher levels.
"It's not a loss to be an economist, so it can be a lot of exploration, so international discussion friends and repuasi and opinions do not have to worry," he said

(cr4 / JPC)

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