Indicted to Save Marijuana While Undergoing the First Session, Ello Wants Rehab

                            Today (31/10), the famous musician homeland, Marcello Tahitoe underwent his first trial. Ello is suspected of abusing cannabis as a personal consumption without a letter from the Ministry of Health. The singer of the song 'Masih Ada' was arrested at his home in Griya Kecapi district, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta along with his partner, Diego Maradona on Sunday (6/8).
According to prosecutors in the indictment, Ello is known to have dried cannabis leaves weighing 1,1112 grams and subjected to article 127 paragraph 1 letter H related drug abuse. Chris Sam Siwu as Ello's lawyer admits today's trial runs smoothly. It did not file any objection related to the trial because what the prosecutor stated in the indictment was in accordance with the facts.
"Most importantly the prosecutor put the charges in section 127, which means our clients' opportunities for rehab are wide open," he said as encountered by® team
After getting the indictment from his first trial, Ello seems determined to change with the rehabilitation path. © Santoso
But according to him, all the results will be just waiting for the facts of the actual trial. During the treatment at the Hospital of Drug Addiction (RSKO) Jakarta, the lawyer Ello claimed to see significant changes from these talented musicians. Moreover, RSKO is known to be effective in curing patients with drug dependence.
Although it looks sluggish during the trial, according to Chris, Ello just not ready to undergo the trial because there is no shadow will be like what in the future. Admitted by him, Ello now looks much healthier, both physically and mentally. "He is also ready to accept whatever the outcome will be," he added.
Engaging in legal cases makes Ello take a lot of valuable lessons, one of which is how wasted his time is because of this. Ello realized she was no longer young, so she was determined to change for the better in the future. Although not seen accompanied by the lover, Aurelie Moeremans, while undergoing the first trial related to busyness, but the figure of family and friends always support Ello.
Even according to Chris's observation, during the period in RSKO, Ello became more productive. He was inspired to spawn the work of his life story. "Keep working, there are results obtained in there, for the song as well," closed the lawyer.

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