Independence of Catalonia: professionals waiting

For professionals, this decision does not change much – for now (note: Friday, October 27, 2017).
It is still too early to have a first feedback on the situation, but it is clear that the specialists of the region are either under pressure ("we do not wish to make any comment, even anonymously, the situation is too delicate for that"). asserted some), either waiting.
"There will be a demonstration on Sunday (October 29, 2017), organized by the anti-independence, we will see after" explains Jerome Pouil, leader of Calafell Evasion, who claims to have no problem related to Catalan events. "I even got more groups than last year," he adds.
A very technical political slump but which does not seem for the moment to have a concrete impact on tourism.
But the situation is very changeable, and French travelers on the Costa Brava or Barcelona often book at the last moment.
It is very complicated at the moment to say anything.
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