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TTC "Ostankino", FSUE "Cosmicheskaya Svyaz" and others were awarded with awards for outstanding services in the field of development of technologies and engineering solutions in the sphere of television broadcasting. On October 25, the ceremony of awarding the fifth Vladimir Zvorykin Prize , the inventor of electronic television, for outstanding services in the development of technology and engineering solutions in the field of television broadcasting. The winners were awarded at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, on the first day of the XXI International Congress of NAT and the International Exhibition NATEXPO. The prize is awarded in four nominations. The winners of the Prize in 2017 were: 1. "For personal contribution to the development of television, radio broadcasting and related technologies" – Ayubov Mirbolat Hairatovich, General Director of Kazmedia Center, Astana, Kazakhstan; – Romanchenko Andrey Yurievich, General Director of FSUE Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS). 2. "For achievements in the field of telecommunication technologies" – FSUE "Space Communication": completion of the formation of the satellite infrastructure in the framework of the Federal Program "Development of Broadcasting in the Russian Federation in 2009-2018." 3. "For the creation and / or improvement of equipment / technology in the field of TV and radio production" – "Vidau Systems": the technology of the full cycle of the production of PTS, including the design and manufacture of bodies with sliding sides in Russia. 4. "For system integration in the field of television and radio broadcasting at the federal and regional level" – TTC "Ostankino": a new transport media network based on video-over-IP technology and a technological base for a phased transition to production and broadcasting in UltraHD / 4K format in 2018. The shortlist of the Prize nominees included: "Moscow Media", "First Channel", "Digiton Systems", "Movikom", Digital Lab / SAM, Broadcast Solutions. In all, 29 applications were submitted for the Prize. In the Expert Council of the Prize: – E.M.Sagalayev, President of NAT, – KZKochuashvili, Adviser to the General Director of NTV-Plus, – M.I. Krivosheev, Principal Research Fellow, FGUP NII Radio, dt Prof. VN Pinchuk, Deputy General Director of FSUE RTRS, – VAUdalova, Director of the Directorate of the Distribution Network of the First Channel Programs, – M.Shubin, Director General of TTK Ostankino, – G.Z. Yushkevičius, Advisor to the Director-General of UNESCO. The prize of the name of Vladimir Zvorykin was established by the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters in 2013. More information on the website of NAT.

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