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            "Impulse" raises the bar of social advertising to the level of "Cannes lions"
            Fragment of the interview of Vladimir Evstafiev – the official representative of the IFC "Cannes Lions" in Russia
             Recently, reception of works for the contest of state social advertising "Impulse" was completed. The Organizing Committee called the number of applications record – more than half a thousand participants. Very soon the country will recognize the winner in the categories "the best video advertising", "the best advertising campaign" and many others. In the meantime, we publish a fragment of an interview by one of the jury members of the Impulse competition, as well as the official representative of the IFC Cannes Lions in Russia, Vladimir Evstafiev. In your opinion, how important is social advertising in the life of modern society? – The competition "Impulse" raises the bar of the state order of advertising for the absolutely uncompromising height of the Cannes masterpieces. Despite the fact that the contest exists only 4 years, it is dynamically developing – the number of works is added year after year. It is important that this is an excellent platform for sharing experiences for people who are engaged in the direction of social advertising in government agencies and structures. Here they can not only get to know each other, but also exchange ideas, accumulated samples and successful experiences. The quality of competitive works is improving year by year. As an example of an excellent work I will mention last year's winner – a series of billboards "Thank you, Doctor". Or, amazed me with a creative approach, advertising for the Olympic Committee, where in one city they collected heat with special equipment and physical exercises, and in another, cold one, could get warm. These are absolutely brilliant works that can stand in line with the advertising winners in Cannes. Impulse is a contest of state social advertising, which is designed to attract the attention of society to the most important social problems, as well as to bring the process of creating advertising by state structures to a qualitatively new level. The organizer of the annual contest of social advertising among public authorities "Impulse" is the international media group "Russia Today". The chairman of the jury is the general director of the MIA "Russia Today" Dmitry Kiselev. Competition of state social advertising "Impulse. Russia Today "acts as a strategic information partner for the" Cannes Lions "shows in Moscow. The shows are held with the support of the agency "RIA Novosti" media group "Russia Today". Full interview with Vladimir Evstafievym can be read here.

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