'If Not Bali United, Egy Maulana Better to Europe'

                    Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The CEO of Bali United Yabes Tanuri is eyeing a number of players to fill his squad next season. Yabes did not rule out recruiting Indonesian national team players U-19.
Yabes claimed tempted to bring one of the pillars of Garuda Egy Maulana Vikri Skil, but Jabes did not want to force that desire.

"U-19 national team player? Why not? I'm hoping Egy to Europe because it boasts of Indonesia. But if he wants to Bali United please, if not in Bali United, mending to Europe all, "said Yabes via telephone to CNNIndonesia.com, Tuesday (31/10).
"The point is if for the national team players, I expect the best. But about this (Egy Maulana) I can not say more, "he added.

 Egy Maulana Vikri became one of Bali FC's shooting players. (CNN Indonesia / Adhi Wicaksono)

Yabes added, according to the recommendations and content of coaching staff, research teams and statistical teams, there were five to six new names presented to him. However, the final decision is still about to wait for the end of League 1 2017 competition ended, (12/11).
This time, Bali United occupy the top of the league 1 with the acquisition of 62 points or equal to PSM Makassar. However, the team besutan Widodo Cahyono Putro was superior face to face from PSM Makassar.

By the end of the 2017 season, Bali United are preparing to recruit new players for the upcoming season. (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Nyoman Budhiana / ama / 17)

"What I have in mind is adding coatings. Position, not just this new casual chat course we have not specify. The right when the end-to-end coatings still need, "said Yabes.
"The core team if I can keep it. Classified in the current national team. However, if anyone wants to move to Bali I do not mind, "he concluded.
The team nicknamed Seridian Tridatu still leaves the last two matches, namely against PSM Makassar on Monday (6/11) and facing Gresik United, Sunday (12/11).

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