Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Come to Indonesia Comic Con 2017!

Why do you even have to go to Indonesia Comic Con event? Here are 5 reasons!
Do you know Indonesia Comic Con event? If you do not already know, Indonesia Comic Con is the biggest pop culture event in Indonesia, besutan Reed Panorama ready to entertain your weekend!
Why do you have to come to the Indonesia Comic Con event held on 28 and 29 October 2017? Check out the following 5 deh reasons that certainly can make you immediately slide into the Jakarta Convention Center!
1Guest Best Star!

Every year, Indonesia Comic Con always responds to the desire of pop culture enthusiasts throughout Indonesia, of course, by presenting famous pop culture icons from abroad!
This year, Indonesia Comic Con the arrival of two unquestioned Guest Star, their ready? Remember the Power Rangers series? Surely you remember who their leader is not? Yes, Tommy Oliver!
Actor Tommy Oliver the original Green Ranger, Jason David Frank came to enliven the event of Indonesia Comic Con 2017, you know! You can meet him on the main stage, and surely you can get a signature and a photo with him on condition of buying tokens first.
Not just Jason David Frank, for those of you who love the Star Wars series, so be prepared to meet Daniel Logan, the young Boba Fett star in Star Wars: Episode II !!
Just like JDF, Daniel Logan can also meet on stage and get his signature and his photo, you know! Do not let you miss the chance to meet the best Guest Star in Indonesia Comic Con 2017!

2 Other Cool Event Editors

Of course not only the two main Guest Star above that you can meet in Indonesia Comic Con, there are many other performers who are not less great, anyone?
From the comic industry, there is Yanick Paquette who is very famous for his work as a comic illustrator. Works like Wonder-Woman, Superman, Batman, Avengers, JLA, and X-Men are some proof of his prowess.
There is also Bernard Chang who is famous for his work for comics such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl, and Green Lantern Corps. From Indonesia, there are illustrators and comics from Surabaya, namely Is Yuniarto, author of Garudayana. Of course, there are many other great comic artists from home and abroad!
From cosplayer, Pugoffka, from Ukraine, and also Angie, renowned cosplayer from Malaysia, and Pion Kim, the famous South Korean cosplayer will also be present to show her greatness.
For musical entertainment, the famous Japanese violinist TAMUSIC will be present to entertain you with anime songs. DJ from Japan who also enliven the event is Ryu, Kors K, Pinnochio P and also MK – 2.
All the great performers that you can greet and meet directly on location, you know! Each of them will have their own booth, and you can chat with them there! Exclamation right?
What about the other 3 reasons? Check out the next page!

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