Hardest to slam. Must be thorough, following the pattern on its coloring

One of them, Sarimen, a local resident who more than 10 years working. He plunged as a writing batik with wood and bamboo basic materials.

Everyday during work hours, canting tools, heating candles, and coloring always accompany him. To work on orders, or stock to be sold to partners in the city of Yogyakarta.

Sitting with a colleague, in Sanggar Hidayat, Saturday (28/10), Sarimen is working on batik on the dakon, a place toys. Live final work, in the form of giving the color.
'' The hardest was slammed. Because it must be careful, following the existing pattern on the coloring, '' he told JavaPos.com. The opening of this wooden and bamboo batik studio, did give a big economic impact for the villagers.
'' Originally it was in the 1980s there was a woodcarving sculptor. Then two people tried to batik using wood media from wood wayang holder, '' recalls Chairman of Krebet Tourism Village Agus Jati Kumara.
Because of the demand there is demand, then there is the development of innovation. From the previous new wayang holder. Then the medium is added using bamboo with various shapes. Like toys, drinking places, tables, chairs. Almost all the furniture is batik.
'' There is an order to make it. So continue to be developed. Currently, there are many, some are sold in Beringharjo Market, in shops, and malls, '' said Agus.
In wood and bamboo batik, the difference with the cloth is only from the medium alone. While all the materials and the process of making both the same. '' If batik cloth, cloth must be boiled first. But if the wood and bamboo directly dibatik, '' he said.
In 2000, the village was declared a tourist village. Aside from being a craftsman of batik wood and bamboo, local people develop local potential. Like a waterfall that is used as a nature tour, and outbound.
Automatically there is an increase in the economy of the villagers independently empowering what is. Through batik and tourism. '' Last year there were about 3,000 visitors. If it's 2,500 now. This is from the visit for batik only. Not from the waterfall and outbound tour, "said Agus.

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