European directive to help … Bruno fucks us in The Mayor!

The arguments presented by Bruno Le Maire, our Minister of Economy, patented jacket turner (a right blow, a blow to the left) must surely worry more about his popularity rating than support to French companies – Photo Geralt Pixabay

It really feels like walking on your head.
As a reminder, the Brussels bureaucrats have decided to "rework" the package travel directive.
And, inevitably, dependent for each member country to "transpose". As a general rule, in the different countries, this directive is (or will be) transposed according to Brussels, normally, ie by organizing a normal and logical "responsibility" of each package tour operator.
In France, under the previous government, which, I remember it will have been one of the ardent defenders of the tourism industry and will surely have done for the sector in France, in five years, much more than its predecessors in 20 years.
I would also point out to these many tourism industry leaders that it is a "left" government that supports most of their demands.
Including on the text of the "transposition into French law" of this European directive. If I'm not mistaken, the text was almost written, to the satisfaction of the professionals.
It was so good.

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