Embrace the Glory of the Emo Era of the 2000s, These Bands Must Enter Your Rad!

Passing through adolescence in the era of the 2000s can be considered quite fun, especially for you who are very fond of the music world. In those years, the work that the musicians are born with is very diverse and able to become a quality entertainment for music lovers around the world. One of the emerging enough genres of the time was the emo with the distinctive features of wistful distortion and sliced ​​lyrics.
Interestingly, lately emo music trend is rising again. Characterized by the emergence of several cool emo bands from all over Indonesia whose musicality deserves appreciation. Let's not miss, the following local emo bands that should enter your radar!

The band came from Jakarta and fronted by Yudhis Tira (Vocals / guitar), Jan (drums), and Gary Hostage (bass / backing vocals). In the realm of post-hardcore and emo, Vague's presence really stole the show. After releasing the debut album titled FOOTSTEPS in 2014, slowly their presence began to steal the show. Viewed in terms of music, Vague is putting forward noise. However, it is the uniqueness of the music group who just released the latest song titled Pale Pale Poet.

Malang does not ever run out of talented musical talent, not excluded in the realm of emotive music. What is worth noting is the presence of a band called Beeswax. Competed by Bagas Yudhiswa (vocals / guitar), Raveizal Ario Sayoga (vocals / guitar), Son Vibrananda (bass) and Yanuar Ade (drums), Beeswax is the emotional skirt driver in the city. To date, they have spawned an EP FIRST STEP and an album titled GROWING UP LATE.

Their names began to steal attention when successfully hooking Barasuara vocalist and beautiful soloist, Asteriska, in single Your Head as My Favorite Bookstore. Established in 2014, Eleventwelfth is led by Rona, Almas Makitsuna, Yogawerda Kessawa, and additional bass Tirta Petir Saputra. Consider one of the emotive numbers titled Later On and get ready for the music game Eleventwelfth!
Dandy Gilang
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Furthermore, there is a musician named Dandy Gilang who came from Malang. This straight-bodied guy can be called a genius in concocting music. Instead of a roaring distortion, your ears will be spoiled by a sickly acoustic guitar recording with meaningful lyrics. Vocalist of Write The Future band is indeed smart in combining acoustic instruments with emotive atmosphere.

The fifth band that can not escape from your radar is Rekah. The music group from Jakarta is fronted by Faiz (vocals), Johan (drums), Marvin (guitar), Tomo (guitar & vocals), and Yohan Christian (bass) and has been formed since 2014. Their first EP was titled SHARE ROOM and told about experience one of the personnel, Tomo, when required to wrestle with mental disorders. Interesting to be listened to, is not it?
Those were some emo bands that deserved your attention. Enjoy the music and inspire the inspiration of the works they create. Do not miss also to show your own version of music exploration and submit your work at GoAheadPeople.id. Conquer the challenge and gain the chance that your work can be better known by other millennials.
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