Director "The Raid" Gareth Evans in Negotiation Process To Work on Deathstroke Movie!

Well, if Gareth Evans so do Deathstroke later, about Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian going to be invited also not ya?
In recent years, there has been much talk about Batman's standalone film that tells about Deathstroke. Well, after a long time not heard of this movie, now comes the news is quite surprising: director of The Raid Gareth Evans will be appointed as a director for Deathstroke!
Is The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter who first preach about this news. Reportedly, Gareth Evans himself is currently in the process of negotiating to write and direct a standalone film of the favorite hit men character of DC.
Interestingly, although it has not been officially decided that Evans will handle the film Deathstroke, the director has already studied the character who became the main enemy of this Teen Titans. It was seen from Instagram posts that he uploaded through his personal account Instagramnya:

If so, then the appointment of Evans as a director of Deathstroke itself can be spelled out is something very precise. This is because Evans is used to working on criminal-themed movies with a variety of exciting, cool, and unique martial arts scenes-as you can see in The Raid: Redemption and Rickety. Meanwhile, Deathstroke itself is very thick to the criminal world and also martial techniques.
Joe Manganiello, who had previously been lined up as a character named Slade Wilson's original, seems to still be associated with this movie. However, there is still no certainty about this. I personally hope Evans will invite his two favorite actors-Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian-to play in this movie.

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Although it seems difficult (and even impossible) for both Indonesian actors to act as Slade Wilson. But if invited in this film, they can play a supporting character or a cameo in the film (just do not like Star Wars: The Force Awakens that very little portion).
Or they can help in the choreography.
Iko Uwais itself is the most widely earned actor by the international film industry after starring in The Raid: Redemption and Berandal. Most recently, she will star in Triple Threat and Beyond Skyline movies. Interestingly, it seems that he will also be playing in Metal Gear Solid's live-action film-considering the film's director is very interested to invite Iko to play.
Source: The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter

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