Dimas Ekky Salip 14 Racers in One Lap, Before Being Hit by Australian Racers

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – Indonesian racer who acquired wild card in Moto2 class at Sepang circuit, Malaysia although failed to finish but can catch up most of the drivers in just one lap.

After the begin, Dimas Ekky the begin from position to 28 this can poke.
To the extent that he survived, could avoid the first corner incident that resulted in Luca Marini from Ahead Racing Group and Khairul Idham Pawi from Malaysia fell.
Not only survived but also benefited can overtake a number of drivers at once.
In the middle of the first lap, Dimas Ekky benefited by Takaaki Nakagami and Sandro Cortese who also fell.
To the extent that Dimas Ekky managed to complete the first lap in position 11 with a record time of 2 minutes 16.993 seconds.
And stalking two Moto2 high riders, Isaac Vinales and Mattia Pasini.

Unfortunately, enter the second lap in the second corner He was hit from behind by Australian racer, Remy Gardner.

Suddenly Remy Gardner from Tech 3 Racing cornering too fast and uncontrollable to crash into Dimas Ekky from behind.
In this video is clearly visible if Dimas Ekky already slowed down and was in the racing of the inside.
But Remy Gardner looked widened, uncontrollable and then fell dragging Dimas Ekkyhingga into the gravel.
In fact, in just 2 laps Dimas Ekky already can advance from the position begin 28 to 11.
"Unfortunately, Dimas must stop in the middle of racing. In fact, this Depok racer showed his best performance, "wrote the official account of Astra Honda Racing Group, the racing team where Dimas Ekky shelter.

Despite falling on the second lap, Dimas Ekky reaps most of the flattery from netizens

This wild card opportunity is obtained by Dimas Ekky due to replace Jorge Navarro.
The official driver of Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 is still injured due to an accident some time later.
Hope there is a second chance for Dimas Ekky to finish the race until finish.

Seconds of time Dimas Ekky Pratama fell on his Moto2 debut .. Unfortunately his struggle fell on the second lap Moto2 Sepang after earlier successfully followed 14 drivers # moto2 #dimasekkypratama #malaysiangp # motogpinstagram.com / otomotifweeklyPostingan is already running on bolasport.com entitled: It's Dimas Ekky's Struggle Skip 14 Drivers In One Lap, Extraordinary Achievement in its Moto2 World Debut!

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