Community care unfortunate to police help refugees mountains majestic – The form of social concern for the refugees of Mount Agung in Bali apparently also came from the people of Malang. Starting from the community to the police. One of them is like the activities undertaken by netizens, Malang's caring community, and members of Polres Malang City tonight. There are about 17 people who leave for Bali and will distribute the aid. Located at Mount Agung Disaster Post FKPM Veterans road building as a gathering point, assistance in the form of logistics to sleep equipment collected. Kasubag Public Relations Polres Malang City Ipda Ni Made Sertuni Marhaeni said, there are 17 people who leave for Bali. Namely consists of 10 members of the Police dr Off Cyber ​​Troops operators and 7 people from netizens and community Care Malang.He said, it will later deliver direct assistance to the location of the refugee camp. '' Plan to Klungkung Regency Bali. Saturday (28/10) morning we went straight to Polda Bali and go to the location, '' he told

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